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We are more than an Agency. We are a Family.

Why Us?

If you're crazy when it comes to traveling, here's the place you're looking for. Have you ever thought about whether it would be possible to travel with a limited budget and to do not have to spend most of your money on hotel rooms, or don't have to go crazy until you plan your entire trip? We are proud that we can help those like you, those crazy to explore, those who want to feel really free when they are going far away from home, those who want to meet new people with the same passion and with whom they will fall in love with the taste of freedom. We have the boldness to say that we are more than a travel agency because with us you will have support in finding the best holiday destination according to your budget, standards, needs and desires, as well as numerous tips on how to make your journey, an unforgettable vacation.

Does it sound unreal ? You will convince yourself as soon as we’ll tell you how things work in our company. Crazy Travelers Agency was founded in 2007 and was formed by only five people ready to embark on the most beautiful journey of their lives. We all had such specialized studies in terms of tourism or business and the opportunity, to make our dream come true, awakened in us the desire to be very careful with our clients, so we wanted to be unique and bring to the market of travel agencies an innovative strategy accessible to all social and income categories. This is primarily about the fact that Crazy Travelers Agency is a family business. A passionate family who loves traveling and who also loves to explore business domain to the most profound places less accessible to most entrepreneurs.

Company’s mission.

The mission of our company is firstly focused on the quality of our services and the special way in which we want to treat our clients, in order to get their trust. It's very easy for us to get involved 100% and to take care of every little detail when it comes to plan your journey in such a way you’ll never forget it and you’ll never forget us.

Our company consists of people for whom professionalism and efficiency are two aspects without which both our business and our client relationships are doomed to failure. For this reason, once you reach our agency, you will meet open, smiling and warm people who will receive you with open arms and will seek to satisfy all your expectations and desires. Meanwhile, our team has grown and is made up of 24 members. The leadership team, along with our researchers, advisers and guides, have developed the best strategy to find the best prices for airline tickets, accommodation and everything else you could think about when comes to traveling.

What does recommend us?

The fact that our clients are satisfied is the best thing that can happen to us. That's why their opinions and the rates given to each experience can become a landmark for you to confirm that we are the best decision when it comes to choosing a company dedicated to your needs without hidden prices, without giving you the illusion that you will pay a small amount of money, but finally wake up that you feel lied or cheated. The quality of our services and our collaborating partners matter the most to us.

Personal guide anywhere you go in the world.

Because we want you to travel and feel protected all the time, we'll provide you one of our guides ready to accompany you wherever you go. This service is free if you choose to buy one of our membership packages. This way you don’t have to worry about the possible misfortunes that may arise.

Crazy Travelers Agency Club.

Have you ever wanted to be part of a club, a community of people with the same interests and passions as yours? Because we thought about people's needs, to join groups where their passions can give birth to the most beautiful experiences and where they can create strong friendships, we set up the Crazy Travelers Club in 2009. Your admission to this club will bring you benefits that you couldn't think of until now. Besides those mentioned above, depending on the membership package you choose as Standard Member, Gold Member or Platinum Member, you can benefit from substantial discounts as well when we are choosing together the holiday’s destination, but also in the locations of our collaborators, such as hotels, hostels, camping areas, restaurants, SPAs, private beaches and car rental (small cars or caravans).

All you have to do is prioritize your needs, calculate your available money and come to us. Here you will have a discussion with one of our consultants who will guide you to the most affordable membership package for your income and needs. Students, retired people and people with disabilities are also welcome. If you are part of one of these categories, bring with you the documents attesting this and we promise that we will take care of you by offering you preferential packages and last but not least, confidentiality, respect and professionalism.


Welcome to our discussion forum!

Here you have the privilege of finding answers to all your questions regarding the experiences and stories that our clients share with love. Do you want to have an idea of what special places they have explored together with us? Do you want to see the beautiful pictures they took? All you have to do is get in touch with one of our consultants on the phone to register in our database and get an username and a password. Do not be afraid that we will send you spam messages. You may choose to receive by e-mail only the offers that match your preferences, such as destinations you would like to visit, the allocated budget and possible questions about how to spend your free time in the most beautiful way possible. So, when you decide to make us a visit, we will have several possible offers on the system that will help us to discuss and decide what suits you best.

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